Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the meat and the messiah

— sacrifice/d — sometimes with a prayer

— defined by others (i.e. often passive recipients of the category)

— unnatural arc, so who would make this stuff up?

— untimely demise — averting being wrinkled, old, or unlovely

— they die so that we may live, or some dumb-ass thing like that (literally)

— frequently male, for some ungodly reason — but that's okay with me.

— post-mortem rave reviews (in both senses of the word)

— etc. etc. etc.

This is what I get for reading Gershom Scholem's Sabbatei Sevi: The Mystical Messiah at the same time as reading edible brooklyn: the good meat issue. The parallels have been uncanny.

The human need to torture others in order to be sated cannot be underestimated.

On another note, tangentially related, I have not had a single good (vegetarian) meal in New York yet this trip so far, except for the home-made meals my precious daughter improvised here on the 'urban pioneer' edge of Brooklyn. And we've gone to some old standards and promising nifty places. Even New Orleans chefs have been way more creative than these in the accommodate-the-goddamned-vegetarian department.

Rant, rant. And not a rave in sight.


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  2. See for more of this post and more on it as well. I just got lazy here and decided to leave this one alone. The post takes off in a different direction over at kaddish in two-part harmony.

  3. Stream of Consciousness may not be your best mode or maybe you just need to stop at Carnegie for a pastrami.

  4. Well, yikes on both fronts. For that was list-making, not stream of consciousness, and I haven't had a good meal in NYC in years, really — and that includes the fatty pastrami.