Sunday, March 20, 2011

in the market for —


nope, sorry

can't think of a thing

just had a visit that reminded me that I'm fine, just fine —
and that everything's okay, everything's in place — everything's —
how can I describe it?

I'm immersed in gratitude even for the crazy stuff, the serendipity,
the synchronicity,
the resonance
the residence

spending today just in awe of my great good fortune
before it passes me by —

but because of the 'evil eye'
I really should be complaining
a lot
about my own misfortune

to keep me safe

that's what we do
we sephardim

so here's one for the evil eye:

"woe is me"

does that sound sincere enough?


  1. you can't be sincere whilst eating a baguette

  2. Ah — do I have a film for you!

    Diva — French new wave — has the most sincere of Zen baguette buttering scene in the history of film.

    We can watch it tomorrow night if you like.

  3. and for anybody else and just for the record: I was NOT eating a baguette!

  4. Don't worry, I wasn't planning to send the gluten police after you. Baguettes are good things, if there's enough butter or olive oil.

  5. Dunno why the baguette comment arose, but I wholly agree.

    Seems to me that I also agreed to an alternative. These bulbs, planted on the first day of spring, with any luck will blossom on the Yahrtzeit.