Tuesday, September 13, 2011

gone fishing: excuses for september

Here's a list of the September blog posts that haven't made it here for one reason or another.  I'm not sure if it's downright laziness or too much sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Or if it's about being all blogged-out. Or if it's because of some existential malaise. Or if I can blame it all on the new-girlfriend, or lack of sleep, or generalized ennui, or — back to laziness.  I don't think it's laziness, however, so that leaves everything else.

But I do have them.  Written down, even.

Here are the titles:

—— What Jews do when they're happy

——  They suck petroleum d[u]ck

—— The good thing about Qaddafi

—— The sleep study

—— Upping meds / downing meds

—— That bummer happiness

—— my Kettler

The question is — does it matter if I write or don't write? Does anything change at all.  How self-indulgent is self-expression, anyway?  Oh. And is that last one bloggable or just worth fretting about while on the Kettler?  And can I blame the Kettler for lack of writing?  Is there anyone/thing available for a good blame?  And then there's the old why-bother?

School started.  That's really what September's all about.  School plus everything else.  Looking to get my sea legs back.  But in the meantime,

Gone fishing.


  1. You mean, hop to it — or desist?

    Well, I'm back from Gone Fishing — as soon as I get the flood in the garage covered (sometime tonight, I hope!) I plan to get back into gear...

    I stick by all my excuses, however!

    You're sure it matters??

  2. have I ever been wrong? except that time with that redhead...

  3. Nothing like a redhead to ruin your rationality...

  4. Seems to me you have some titles up there that need writing, girlfriend.

  5. Titles (or topics) seem to have an expiration date.