Sunday, June 26, 2011

my blog daddy

I heard the term 'blog mommy' today — or something like that. And realized that I've got a blog daddy. And although he hasn't said so, I think he's not amused. I can feel his disapproval wafting over the bay into my fair and foggy city.

One post in June. One post! Does he furrow his brow? Does he think I'm falling off the map? Is he concerned that I've fallen away and have been shtupping the summer away mindlessly? Does he know that I've been abroad (however briefly) (yes, a weak excuse).

Or, horror of horrors, does he think I've just plain finally and way too quickly run out of things to say that are worth a post? It's probably this one, right?

Bad blogger. No treats tonight...

But wait — There are three posts that I've been wanting to write during my sabbatical (procrastination). And they've been vying with each other. One is on the Donmeh. Not a hot topic, I realize, but still very worth the doing. One is on alcohol. And I've actually been asked not to post that one. And the third is on Cruise Missile Day — which was yesterday. And here too, I was warned not to write that one either while the day was still in effect. Wow. Two warnings. Two different readers. Think I should ignore them, don't you?

Think I'll write them in reverse order. Cruise Missile Day comes first...

So, blog daddy, don't despair. You know the reasons why I've all but disappeared... It's all my fault... she intones automatically.