Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the wedding

dearest firstborn,

I know you could have written all this yourself and done a better (and more thorough) job of it, but I thought I'd give it a shot exploring just how much kids imprint on their parents (or vice versa) (or not at all).

Besides, anthropologists should at least attempt a little cross-generational contemplation. Though, to be sure, we're so busy tracking other people's business (hm, just like the shrinks), it's a rare moment when we look back and contemplate our own.

So, off the top and in no particular order, here goes:

ours: jeans

yours: tuxedos

ours: um, I think we smoked them

yours: flowers, bouquets, flower arrangements, flower girl. you know: beautiful flowers (that aren't green)

ours: huh, what?

yours: pedi, mani, and makeup

ours: mini, black with glow in the dark patterns

yours: long, white and flowingly gorgeous

ours: hair

yours: styled

ours: sneaking into Temescal after hours, with illegal campfire and guitars

yours: the whole megilla, in a hall, with band and guitars

ours: Berkeley campus Hillel

yours: Lawrence restored historical treasure

ours: the Economy Cafe in Chinatown, with paper tablecloth and plastic chopsticks

yours: tasteful, with china

ours: with Morrie and Carol sleeping on our studio floor

yours: Upper East Side hotspot

ours: with Morrie and Carol, sleeping on the floor

yours: Hawaii, not camping out

ours: picked the rabbi 'cause he'd marched in Selma

yours: rabbi comes with restored synagogue

ours: tea ... ...

yours: surely champagne and all the good stuff

ours: from the only shop on Telegraph Avenue

yours: designer and designed

ours: two of every drug known to man, and a can of Spam from Denis (so we wouldn't forget the working class)

yours: all the necessities for starting out

ours: spur of the moment, so I could get a visa

yours: well planned, with a full year to do it right

ours: did the job

yours: a job well done

Mazel tov, my dearest first born, to you and your beautiful bride too.

Circle one:

a) bad parental units
b) good parental units
c) each generation a product of their times
d) massive generation gap
e) a parental job well done



  1. Mazel Tov, Mira! Well done! A passage for you, too - enjoy!

  2. Thanks Ruhama! The grand deed takes place next week, October 3rd, on my dad's birthday. So, we're heading off to the old country sooner than I can learn to walk in pretty shoes with heels...

  3. Congratulations M, wishes of much love to couple, and joy to you and future grandmanikins and health and joy and laughter that leaves lines on the face.